Spielarten der Digitalisierung #versicherung #insurtech @SoerenKupke

Thank you @allianz for sharing your thoughts.  

“Digitalisierung braucht kulturelle Veränderung.” @claudianemat #chefkon17

Authentisch und inspirierend – Claudia Nemat (Vorstandsmitglied Technologie und Innovation, Deutsche Telekom AG) bei der #chefkon17

Most accelerators are “innovation theatre” @jonnystartup #VIB17

… but platform accelerators work. Jonathan Greechan: “Create a real API or ‘corporate’ API where startups can connect.”

12 Inspirational Quotes On True Leadership

12 Inspirational Quotes On True Leadership #leadership #inspiration #quote #business #success #coaching #win #leader Please click here to enjoy this presentation  

A further development of #seldingertechnique @12min_me #UKE #medinnovation #catheter

Impressive speech and presentation of Dr. Jens Ebnet at #12min.med

The Path to Business Performance #digitalchange @gallup

Yes, it’s a book. And it’s from the 1990ies. But it’s still true and well worth reading.

Mobility as a Service als Zukunftskonzept

Neues Format #12minMOVE: Volles Haus bei @wundercar trotz 30 Grad Hitze. Mobility as a Service (MaaS) zwischen Lebensgefühl, Zweckmäßigkeit und Notwendigkeit. Sehr inspirierend. @floatility  #mellowboards #12minHH

Minimum Viable Product completed

New website of Knoche Consulting will be released soon. Take a first look at the minimum viable product here: frankknoche.de There are still some minor issues to fix, but awesome new features will follow. Stay tuned. 😉

“Science is the baseline of innovation”

World Health Summit at #ChariteSummit: Inspiring speech of Detlev Ganten, President of World Health Summit Panel discussion: Ida Beerhalter, IOME Family Office about sustainable investments: “If money is the only motivation of founders, we don’t invest.” “Try not to be … Read More

There will be a big shift to value based healthcare

2nd day of rethinking and transforming healthcare at #ChariteSummit Discussing transformational innovations with Bayer, Merck, Novartis, Pfizer, Roche and Sanofi. The next big shift will be from “pay per pill” to value based healthcare. “It’s no longer big versus small, … Read More