How to Eliminate Excessive Bureaucracy in Your Organization for Maximum Success

If there is a lot of bureaucracy within your organization, it can be quite damaging to your leaders unless you intervene. Bureaucracies remove authority and accountability from your leaders and hand it to administrative staff, auditors, and accountants. This nullifies the sense of ownership among your leaders, bringing compliance and apathy in its wake instead of motivation and dedication. Wherever the bureaucrats are located, be it at the enterprise, group, or business level, leaders will feel like “someone else is making my decisions”. Consequently, leaders become mere “placeholders” who do not attempt to implement any actual changes. They just attend budget and strategy meetings to protect their turf and stay in their nice offices without trying to make any improvements. This lack of ownership can damage the performance of the entire organization.

Give your leaders more autonomy to reach the full potential of your organization

Good leadership must be supported, not restrained, to reach its full potential. Review your organization’s system for decision-making power division to determine the degree of bureaucracy’s influence on your leaders. If the effect is considerable, modify the structure to create a genuine sense of ownership and enthusiasm. Modify power-related processes to give leaders more autonomy with a corresponding sense of responsibility.

Dismantling long-established bureaucratic systems is a challenging and lengthy process. However, when completed, the results will be worth the effort as the organization will be equipped with more innovative, efficient, and unified leaders who strive for maximum success.

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